Independence - competition
to Oct 4

Independence - competition



Finalists' Private View and the Awards giving ceremony,

Sunday 30 September 2018, 5pm.

An open art competition for the best interpretation commemorating 100 years of Poland regaining its independence (1918 - 2018).
Works in any media (paintings, graphics, photography, sculpture, installations, video).

Awards totalling £3000 will be awarded from The Tadeusz Murdzeński Fund.

Final submission date: 7 September 2018. 
Exhibition opens: 22 September 2018 in the POSK Gallery
The Polish Social and Cultural Association, 238 King Street, London W6 0RF
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Finalist nominated by the Jury members: 

Rachel Dickson
Peter Fudakowski
Andrzej Klimowski
Jakub Krupa
Kola Sliwinska

Organiser: The Polish Social and Cultural Association POSK
Sponsor: The Tadeusz Murdzeński Fund
Patronage: APA The Association of Polish Artists in Great Britain
POSK Gallery Curator: Joanna Ciechanowska
coordinator: Kryssie Bell

Rules & Regulations:


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60 Years of  the Association of Polish Artists in Great Britain
to Jun 1

60 Years of  the Association of Polish Artists in Great Britain

Opening Night: 20th. May, 5-7pm

The exhibition ’60 Years of APA, the Association of Polish Artists in Great Britain’ show-cases the art of its present members.
APA holds two or three exhibitions a year in the POSK Gallery, which was originally in-corporated in the design of POSK - the Polish Social and Cultural Association building as a gallery for Polish artists, but which now holds exhibitions of art from Britain and many other countries.

Polish artists, some of whom later founded the APA, the Association of Polish Artists in Britain have been in Britain since before the Second World War. 

The name of Feliks Topolski is familiar to those who pass under the arches of Waterloo Bridge on the South Bank. His former studio, now a café-restaurant, ‘Topolski’, still dis-plays his art on its walls. Topolski studied at the Warsaw Academy of Art, then in France and Italy, arriving in London in 1935. He later became an official ‘war artist’. In 1989, he was elected a senior Royal Academician.

The work of some of those artists still hangs in the corridors of POSK. The graphic paint-ings of Marek Żuławski, the exuberant forms in motion in the paintings of Stanisław Fren-kiel and the large-scale oil canvases of Janina Baranowska can be seen by those visiting the cultural centre. Janina Baranowska was a pupil of David Bomberg, and one of the founding members of APA. She was also at Bohusz-Szyszko’s School of Easel-Painting. Marian Bohusz-Szyszko’s art still hangs on the walls of St. Christopher’s Hospice in Lon-don, founded by his wife, Dame Cecily Saunders. 

The latest large event was a selective exhibition, organised by the Ben Uri Gallery and Museum, entitled ‘Art of the Bloodlands - a century of Polish Artists in Britain’. The curator, Rachel Dixon, showcased art from their permanent collection, such as that of Josef Herman and Jankiel Adler, adding works from the POSK permanent collection, for exam-ple, by Marian Bohusz-Szyszko and Janina Baranowska, as well as those by younger artists, many of whom now comprise the APA.

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